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Nacera Belaza

2017 - 2018

In her work, Algerian Nacera Belaza searches for that fine line between spirituality and pleasure, minimalism and sensuality. Her choreographies are a fusion of internal reflection and constructed images. For ICK, Belaza will create one of the seven choreographies in 7EVEN.

At the age of five, Belaza moves from Algeria to France where she studies literature and French poetry, before dedicating herself to dance. Over the past 20 years she’s performed at some of Europe’s most prestigious dance festivals. In 1989, Belaza founds her own dance company; ‘Companie Nacera Belaza’. Her latest work includes Le Cri (2008), Les Sentinelles and Le Temps Scellé (2010), and Le Trait (2012). Today, Belaza lives and works in both Paris and Algiers.