Artist Space

In short

ICK-Artist Space supports the development of young choreographic talent.  A new generation of artists is given the opportunity to experiment, create and present themselves. They do this from their own perspective on the body in all its diversity, strength and vulnerability. The young choreographers work closely with the Company and the Academy of ICK. From 2021 onwards, media artist Bogomir Doringer is joining ICK-Artist Space as an Artist Associate.

In 2021, Amsterdam-based dance house Dansmakers merged into ICK-Artist Space, after which Suzy Blok took office as head of ICK-Artist Space.

ICK-Artist Space is partner of the Moving Futures network and festival, partner of the European Aerowaves network and a member of the European Dance Development Network.   


The artists of ICK-Artist Space are quirky, promising, daring and curious. Choreographers who focus on the body and search for their own language of movement and who, aware of the fact that the body carries different meanings within it, explore, challenge and show dance and movement from various perspectives.  They often work in a multidisciplinary way and translate their social commitment from a very personal, autobiographical point of view. In their diversity and multiformity they enrich each other, ICK, the art of dance and the public.

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