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Charles Pas

In the mime solo Victory Boogie Woogie, Charles Pas places himself in a dystopian in-between space to explore what it means when you constantly have to rig yourself up. As a lost young man, he confronts the mundane, trying to tame it and look for all that lies behind it. What does it mean when you can't find a connection, distraught takes over, but you have no choice but to keep going?

In this performance, where the strength lies in the minimal use of theatrical means, Charles is in dialogue with a fully sampled soundscape of the soundtrack of city life. Victory Boogie Woogie is a dynamic trip in which, through flashes of a life in the city, an ever-expanding picture reveals itself to the viewer. The threat of radicalizing the individual is constantly lurking.

Charles Pas is Artsist in Residence (2023/2024) by ICK Dans Amsterdam.

photo © Thomas Lenden