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Hamlet - Dewey Dell

International Programming ICK-Fest

At the invitation of ICK, the Dewey Dell collective from Italy will perform Hamlet, a performance by choreographer Teodora Castellucci.   

Dewey Dell takes this iconic and eternally doubting theater character as the starting point for a highly expressive dance performance. Three dancers transform Hamlet's mental state - to be or not to be - into a physical quest for possession, when your body belongs to someone else.     

Dewey Dell is an artist collective based in Cesena and Berlin. In their performances, the choreography is constantly inspired and fed by images from art history and the animal kingdom. For Hamlet, they allowed themselves to be fed by rites of passage from around the world. 

'Hamlet' is part of ICK-Fest 2021, organized by ICK Dans Amsterdam and de Meervaart.