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ICK-Fest 2021

World premiere Known & to Know, international programming and Vibes

I wanttodanceagain 
I wanttodanceagain 
- TheSubs– I WanttoDanceAgainft.Ogenn 

To be or not to be: Hamlet as a dance performance, trembling and sensual bodies, four generations of dancers on one stage and an audience that decides on the choreography. Once again, ICK's three-day dance festival sharpens all the senses. The mobility of certainties in which we live today invites us to think, move, look and feel differently. From intuition and vulnerability, from a search for new connections, from our bodies. To be is to dance. 

Tickets sold via Meervaart

Theatre de Meervaart, festival heart of the ICK-Fest, opens its doors on Friday night with a meeting between four generations of dancers and two generations of choreographers. The world premiere of Known & To Know consists of a double bill by the young choreographer Andreas Hannes combined with a piece of repertoire by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten. Hannes creates Reverberated Emissions with the dancers of the ICK ensemble. Bodies hop, bend, transform and collide in this musical performance. Greco and Scholten asked several generations of dancers to breathe new life into Conjunto di Nero from 2001. Only at the ICK-Fest it will be danced by part of the original cast: Emio Greco, Barbara Meneses and Dereck Cayla, supplemented by current ensemble dancer Denis Bruno.

ICK-Fest shows both ICK's own work and that of promising makers from abroad. On Saturday Known & To Know can be combined with Hamlet by the Italian artists' collective Dewey Dell. Choreographer Teodora Castelluci uses the theatre icon Hamlet as a starting point for a highly visual dance performance. Three dancers transform Hamlet's mental state - to be or not to be - into a physical quest for possession, when your body belongs to someone else.  

On Sunday the audience determines the choreography in the work of Nicola Galli and the interactive dance game Vibes.  The Dutch audience has already met the Italian choreographer Nicola Galli during ICK-Fest 2019. This year he challenges the audience in Genoma Scenico to help shape the choreography. In the interactive perfomance VIBES, the result of a European collaboration, the audience also helps to make the choreography.  With the help of headphones, people dance together in a game-like quest. To dance or not to dance.

P A N O R A M A, a video installation by Nicola Galli in collaboration with visual artist Davide de Lillis will be on view all weekend, as will several dance films that tie in with the ICK-Fest programme curated by Cinedans. There will also be workshops, pop-up performances, and who knows, even an afterparty. Because of the ever-changing rules, keep an eye on our website for updates on the extensive fringe programme.


Collage: Damien Blottière

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