Expressing the unsayable

Together with Motion Bank, we are investigating live and post-annotation of creative processes since 2016. Motion Bank specialises in the development of software for annotating and publishing Online Scores. We are adding our expertise in vocabulary development to the dance practice (ABCdaire).

By working together with Motion Bank, we integrate:

  • - the documentation of motion language at ICK
  • - Our joint notation research based on Capturing Intention and Inside Movement Knowledge
  • - the development of Motion Bank's annotation and online publication systems. 

Between 2016 and 2018, we used ICK Piecemaker2, a prototype for a multi-user application for annotating dance, to document artists' creative processes. The result was a small archive of annotated fragments of creative processes: this is now the starting point for further research into annotation methods.

Together with various international partners, we are looking at how to use other choreographic signatures for the annotation of creative processes in dance. We did this, for example, during the Research Academy at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste in October 2018. Together with an international group of artists from various performing arts, we researched video annotation for the publication of physical knowledge. We published the creation of 60 of Amos Ben-Tal (2019) with the Motion Bank annotation software Piecemaker3 and the online publication system MOSYS. You can view the Online Score here: Amos 60 Online Score.

Ensuring survival

If we make creative processes in dance accessible through publication, we can better involve artistic visions and knowledge from different performing arts in the broader discourse on art and knowledge. At the same time, we guarantee the survival of fleeting and unspeakable artistic content.

Our collaboration with Motion Bank earned us a nomination for the Digital Preservation Awards 2018 in the Open Data Institute Award category for most Striking Digital Preservation Initiative in Trade, Industry and the Third Sector.

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