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Double Points: Verdi


Emio Greco | Pieter C Scholten

Passionate, hormonal, heroic. A present-day spectacle that goes beyond the limits of dance and opera.

New life is breathed into three prima donnas from the Italian operas by Giuseppe Verdi. As Violetta from La Traviata, Giovanna from Giovanna d'Arco and Desdemona from Otello, three dancers form a living testimony of today's society. The dramatic high point is the coming together of these characters in a joint 'Libera me' (set me free) – from the end of Verdi's Requiem.


Verdi's heroines never die completely – in the course of the performance they etch an image of immortality and of invincible women into our retinas.



"An appealing concept, a clear development and fantastic dancers; this production was announced as a 'preliminary study' of a future main production together with Opera Zuid. It's promising indeed." (Sander Hiskemuller in Trouw,10/07/2013)

"Double Points: VERDI is theatrical and offers various points of view on the forces and personal qualities of women in the past and the present." (Marcelle Schots in Theaterkrant 11/07/2013)

"Vigorous and enduring, the diva dancers mount the stage again and again, turning, billowing and enticing." (Annette Embrechts in de Volkskrant, 9/07/2013)

"They never go all the way through the knees, they proceed." (Bregtje Schudel in het Parool, 8/07/2013)

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