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Experiment in optima forma

Amsterdam Fringe Festival stimulates artistic experimentation in the true sense of the word. This means that a project can sometimes turn out differently than expected. The Fringe Festival, in collaboration with Het Huis Utrecht and ICK Dans Amsterdam, has set up the Next Best Fringe Award, especially for makers of the festival who want to continue working on their performance and deepen their artistic research. Creators can nominate themselves for this award at the end of the festival and have a chance of winning a residency at Het Huis Utrecht or ICK to continue their artistic research. In the next edition of Fringe, the winners will be able to show the results. In 2020, Aissa Kraayenbrink and in the summer of 2021 Robin Nimanong has worked in ICK's studio. In 2022, ROAD Collectief (Romy Stark and Adanma Okoro) worked on their performance Onbedoeld verberg ik. In 2023, Rosanna ter Steege will work on her performance UIT|EEN|VAL.

UIT|EEN|VAL - Rosanna ter Steege

UIT|EEN|VAL aims to make dissociative behavior tangible and expresses that what normally stays hidden. Being fragile and strong at same time, UIT|EEN|VAL tries to tell the story of trauma and how the body can dissociate from emotions.
The piece is challenging our conception of the body and psyche as working in sync, creating a performance in which they sent contradictory signals.

Maker and performer Rosanna ter Steege shares the stage with musician and producer Yassine Belghanch to unravel a world of uncertainty, playfulness, struggles, pride and conflict. Based on autobiographical work of ter Steege, the piece is inviting you into an unknown world of unrecognized feelings. Together with the viewer, it creates an intimate physical dialogue, in which dance and live set are woven into one another, creating a setting that speaks to the unconscious.


'Inside my head I have access to another world 
Can I travel by myself
See the sea
Feel the sun
Experiencing the freedom
I touch the wind
And the wind blows through my hair 
I smile
Seeing you'

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Rosanna ter Steege / photo by Kim Doeleman
Robin Nimanong