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ICK Academy / De Krakeling

Measuring time in 60 minutes

40 pupils of primary school Catamaran Landlust go in search of time. They are inspired by Amos Ben-Tal's performance 60 and ICK Amsterdam. Led by the young choreographers Marley Braaf and Rebecca Wijnruit, with dancers of ICK, the children dance for 60 minutes with their own sense of time. In an avalanche of movement, sound, light and words, the dancers skillfully fracture the concept of time and share moments of stillness, pressure, hope and longing with the audience. Not only the structure, but also the mystery of time is uncovered.

Young 60 is a collaboration between choreographer Amos Ben-Tal, his dancers collective OFFprojects, ICK Amsterdam, Theater De Krakeling and children from group 4 and group 8 of primary school Catamaran Landlust.

This performance has been cancelled due to the corona measures.