A flashmob with headphones

Vibes is a digital sonic dance game in which the participants become the main characters. Through a collective dance event, it brings people, of all ages, with or without dance experience, dancing together in the space. Through the headphones that participants have connected to their smartphones, they receive instructions on how to move. The reaction and movement of each participant then influences the soundscape and the rest of the trip, leading to moments of interaction with the other participants and the space around them. Vibes is a European dance project in which each participating partner from a different country develops its own form; for the Netherlands this is Vibes #4.

Vibes#4 - Mujõ: is kinetic, sonic and immersive experience developed by choreographer Jesus de Vega and composer and percussionist Michelle Samba. Guided by the voice of Mujõ, you will walk through a labyrinth full of sonic obstacles, requiring you to move and use your body to move forward in the dance game. Muj? is a sensory adventure where participants are invited to discover their physicality, where sound inspires movement and movement becomes music. It is a trip where the joy of movement, sound and intuitive creativity come together. An individual journey that becomes a collective celebration. 

VIBES is a project of ICK Dans Amsterdam (NL), Orbe (Fr), C-Dare/Coventry University (UK), ICK Amsterdam (NL), Bassano del Grappa (IT), Holonic Systems (Fin) and is supported by Creative Europe.

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