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Clothing and accessory


Cotton hoodie and t-shirt with Double Skin/Double Mind in black letters on the front and big ICK logo on the back. Aslo with matching jogger.

100% coton - color:  Grey

  • Hoodie €30,-
  • Jogger €20,-
  • T-shirt €10,-



Black tote bag with big ICK logo in white on both sides. 

100% coton - color:  Black 
Price: €2,-

When pruchasing a hoodie and/or T-shirt you get an ICK bag for free.


you PARA | DISO: l’essence de la danse

Though by now it is a familiar trend among film stars, pop artists and fashion brands to develop their own perfumes, this is a first event in the world of dance. With you PARA | DISO, Greco and Scholten present a unique project in which the dance is linked to a fragrance. In close cooperation with Italian perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri (‘The Nose’) and well-known Dutch designers Joost van Bleiswijk and Kiki van Eijk, Greco and Scholten set out on a quest to capture paradise inside a small bottle. The result is: the infinite bliss of being, distilled in 30 milliliters.

The idea to create a perfume had been brewing with Greco and Scholten for some time. The first signs surfaced in an advertisement which spanned the centre spread of HELL magazine in 2006. In 2008, there followed a first experiment in the context of the performances of [purgatorio]: olfactory artist Maki Ueda placed the sweaty dance costumes in spirits and distilled the smell of the dance. As it turned out, this initial olfactory experiment was the upbeat to a larger-scale project: to create a dedicated perfume. In 2010, paradise presented itself as a theme and appeared to be as ephemeral and elusive as the dance itself. Nevertheless it was found that the smell of paradise comes closest to touching the soul, to the essence of the dance.

Credits perfume
A creation by Emio Greco | Pieter C. Scholten
Perfume – Alessandro Gualtieri
Design – Kiki van Eijk & Joost van Bleiswijk
Art director ¬– Isabelle Vigier


Capturing Intention ( € 30,-)

Documentation, analysis and notation research based on the work of Emio Greco | PC 

The Notation Research Project, an ongoing initiative by Emio Greco | PC since 2004, has reached a major milestone with the completion of its second phase. The outcomes of this phase of research, based on the Double Skin/Double Mind workshop, are available now in the book Capturing Intention that contains a film documentary and an interactive DVD-ROM.

Inside the reader you will find materials from a multi-disciplinary research team comprising experts in notation systems, cinematography, computer based gesture analysis, interactive media design, cognition research and cultural studies. The volume contains contributions by Marion Bastien, Bertha Bermúdez, Maite Bermúdez, Frédéric Bevilacqua, Maaike Bleeker, Franz Anton Cramer, Scott deLahunta, Marijke Hoogenboom, Corinne Jola, Susan Melrose, Eliane Mirzabekiantz and Chris Ziegler.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it ( € 15,-)

In 2001 Emio Greco | PC collaborated with Flemish philosopher Antoon Van den Braembussche to produce the essay It's life Jim, but not as we know it, in which he examines the various motifs and motivations of the trilogy Fra Cervello e Movimento.

"In the trilogy there is more at stake than the overt friction between mind and body: it embodies likewise the tension between order and disorder, control and chaos, conscious intention and unconscious desire. As such it is a statement on the essence of dance. It not only shows the tension between choreographic design and vicissitudes (constant changes, constant alternation, unpredictable changes or variations, shifting circumstances) of performance, but it also shows that, as soon as dance speaks the language of the body, its transparency is untenable and a thing of the past: it becomes visceral, instinctive, obstinate and unmastered."


7: Risorgimento for purgatorio (€ 7,50)

Pretext. Image. Scent. Text. And context. A synergy of various artistic energies clustered around the theme of purgatory. That is what the [purgatorio] magazine, closely linked with the EG | PC creations [purgatorio] POPOPERA and [purgatorio] IN VISIONE that premiered at the Holland Festival in June 2008, has to offer. The work of the choreographers and the artistic team feeds the essence of the magazine. In its turn, the magazine perfumes the creation process as an interactive forum. A purifying reciprocity.

Art director: Isabelle Vigier
With contributions by: Arnon Grunberg, Levi van Veluw, Maki Ueda, Gérard Mayen, Johan Reyniers, Bart Boone, Pasquale Martini and René van Peer.

Risorgimento for HELL (€ 7,50)

For the magazine HELL, the creators, writers and image editors have applied themselves to making a strong connection between dance and the visual arts. With Dante’s Inferno as a starting point, the magazine shows specifically assigned work as well as existing work by artists from multiple disciplines. HELL, the magazine, has the appearance of a visual essay and aims at creating an aesthetic visual and textual world; a completely personal hell, which can exist alongside that of the dancers. Textual components are provided by Stephen Greco (US), Jan Fabre (B), Laurent Goumarre (F), Christian Néri (F) and Irène Filiberti (F), who is also responsible for the text editing. Never before did a fiction writer/pop star interviewer, theatre maker/artist, journalist, genetic biologist and writer/art critic stand side by side. The attractive mix of styles and subjects, the textual extremes combined with the chosen images, provide a Dantesque choreography, where improbable subjects merge into a plausible whole.

you PARA | DISO - a guide to a dance performance (€ 7,50)

The magazine you PARA | DISO breaks away from well-established expectations about paradise. For instance, the presumed multi-coloured aspect of it is traded in for black and white. Work by Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu takes up a prominent position. Takamatsu creates a black-and-white world of comic-book-like characters, which seem to move in a different dimension. These rarefied, innocent, almost paradisiacal figures move us with their poetic appearances. Only upon closer inspection does it become apparent that the context in which the figures operate is not without violence and pornographic undertones.

Besides, in order to throw light on as many facets of paradise as possible, guest authors from different disciplines were approached with the question: what is you(r) paradiso? The visions of astronomer Govert Schilling, composer Louis Andriessen, film maker Gus Van Sant and designer Marcel Wanders, among others, were incorporated into the ten-part structure. The result is a magazine that may be described as “a guide to paradise in ten parts”, in which the voices of the makers and the dancers are clearly represented. This brings out clearly the visual and textual links to the performance, whilst the magazine still remains an autonomous entity.


Company in the School ( € 2,50 )

From march 2005 until April 2006, Emio Greco | PC were artists in residence at the Theaterschool, Amsterdam. This residency presented a welcome opportunity to look further into strategies of transfer. The resulting publication, Company in the School, does not give the reader an overview of all activities, nor an evaluation of the residency, but rather provides an insight into the ongoing discussions around notions of contemporary dance making, transfer, repertoire and reconstruction.

With contributions by Maaike Bleeker, Ingrid van Schijndel, Jeroen Fabius a.o.


[purgatorio] POPOPERA (€ 7,50)

Music from the performance [purgatorio] POPOPERA - Guitar version

Produced and Mixed by Damian le Gassick 
Recorded and Edited by Willjan Pielage and Floriaan Ganzevoort 
Guitar Emio Greco, Ty Boomershine, Victor Callens, Vincent Colomes, Nicola Monaco, Marie Sinnaeve, Suzan Tunca 
Voice Michaela Riener 
Recorded at Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, 25-02-2008 
Music by Michael Gordon