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Give space to the Intuitive Body!

ICK Space for Dance Art contributes to a better world by giving a stage to the Intuitive Body. Based on an artistic urge, performances, workshops and symposiums are organised around this theme, in cooperation with artists, scientists and companies from all over the world.

In the Space for Dance Art, ICK reflects on the role that art - and dance in particular - can play in tackling the great challenges of our time. Through its constant focus on the language of the body, ICK has accumulated a great deal of knowledge about creative processes, innovation and transformation. In the arts, but also outside of the arts in society.

ICK uses this knowledge and experience in its own artistic processes and makes it available to the outside world. To this end, ICK explores the interface between art, science, technology and society. This happens in the artistic projects, the education and research projects of the ICK-Academy, but also in Double Skin/Double Mind workshops, the dance method that supports the participants' creative abilities.

ICK gives the public and organisations from the arts, education, science and business the opportunity to become friends in the ICK Circle. After the opening of the Space for Dance Art in September 2021, we will continue to shape this network and the different ways in which friends and partners can participate from the new building.

ICK is looking forward to seeing you. We move forwards by touch.


Become a member of the ICK-Circle?

For 50 euros a year (more is also possible) you support ICK and give space to the intuitive body. In return, ICK will put together a package with you on a personal basis and interests ranging from attending a Double Skin/Double Mind workshop, participating in research projects, engaging with international artists to attending rehearsals in our studio/theatre and attending premieres.

Become a member of the ICK Circle via the application form (Dutch)