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Victor Swank


"When I look at this picture I see intensity, somebody that has a clear goal. I see someone at the beginning of a period of growth and development, that has his eyes on the future."

Victor is originally from the Netherlands. He followed, after a preliminary course at the National Ballet Academy, his Bachelors at the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts, for both Dance and Dance Education. He has danced for Samadhi Dance Company and Isabelle Beernaert's Company and was featured for a few years in the dinner show Brooklyn Nights.

Victor's passion lies in dancing as well as choreographing and teaching. His favorite performance of EGPC that Victor has danced in was Blasphemy Rhapsody, because it featured different styles, the intuitive body could be approached from different angles and he felt very free.

"For me to ‘Listen to the body’ means understanding that the mind needs to become a receiver, like how a radio picks up a signal, to become infused with the body as a whole. To let the body conduct as a dancer, you open yourself up to receive information from ‘instinct’ and ‘intuition’ . This will eventually open this ’sixth sense’ that comes from a pure primitive impulse and shows what the body wants and needs. To allow yourself to let the body revolt."

Photo: Alwin Poiana