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Sixtine Biron


Sixtine was born in Zürich, but grew up in France. She studied amongst others at Arts Umbrella under the direction of Artemis Gordon and previously completed an internship at the Sally Dance Company in Maastricht. Sixtine is a curious dancer who seeks her challenges in the unknown: “I believe that my passion for movement and my instincts are my bigger guides. They lead me to the understanding of the work. They guide me in my research for creativity, sophistication and specificity.”

She relates the idea of The Body in Revolt to an impulse, to a visceral action, emerging, directed to the outside: “For me, the body in revolt is here to be seen, heard. I think this urge for an individual to express is linked to a very strong sense of collectivity, a need to connect to others.”

Photo: Alwin Poiana