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Synthetic Disjunctions


Elisa Zuppini

In Synthetic Disjunctions the maker and solo performer Elisa Zuppini explores dance as a visual and textural manifestation. Her body encapsulates the experience of dancing into forms as 'abstract objects'. Aware that this very experience is irrepressible, she enlightens the excess that remains uncontainable. Constantly operating through a friction between withholding and manifestation, Zuppini embodies a series of forms like living objects. Something eerie is activated in space and an irregular architecture unfolds by default as a result of internal relational logic. We have to figure out the body as a heavy and dense material in space, that creates new gravitational forces.
Synthetic Disjunctions is a piece in development that Elisa started working on during the pandemic at New Adventures, a residency supported by ICK Dans Amsterdam.
Photo: Thomas Lenden