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New Adventures 2022 #1

Denden Karadeniz
Roshanak Morrowatian

On 3 and 4 June 2022, the first two New Adventures-makers of 2022 will share their work in De Vlugt. Denden Karadeniz will share his work F(r)ictie and Roshanak Morrowatian will share Heroes and heavens. Afterwards, there is an after-talk to meet the artists, discuss their work, and inspire each other.

New makers, new ideas, new adventures. New Adventures is a programme of ICK Artist Space in collaboration with ICK Academy for new dance makers who want to deepen their creative practice. Denden Karadeniz and Roshanak Morrowatian are selected as the first makers of 2022 who have worked on their artistic development in complete freedom and safety for four weeks.   

Read more about F(r)ictie and Heroes and heavens below.

In F(r)ictie, Denden starts from a Japanese proverb: "Fall down seven, stand up eight," which means that every time life throws you a bad fit, you get back up and keep going. Inspired by the mysterious oasis of a desert, by the energy generated by friction, he experiments with choreographic elements such as time, repetition, group work versus the individual. Denden continues to explore his dynamic and highly physical movement language as a metaphor for life in this day and age, in a society that seems to be a succession of friction and fiction, of trial and error, of falling and standing up again.  

Heroes and Heavens 
During the New Adventures presentation, Roshanak Morrowatian will take you through the research for her new, interdisciplinary dance performance Heroes and heavens (working title). Central to this is a ritual of empowerment on a physical, spiritual and social level. With Heroes and heavens, Roshanak wants to redefine the martial arts form Varzesh-e Pahlavani (heroic sport). It is an ancient ritual that originated in Persia and was used to train warriors. It consists of a combination of martial arts, strength training, spirituality, ethics, poetry and music, among other things. Traditionally, only men were allowed to practise it. Roshanak wants to let women and other genders share in the power of the ritual and celebrate the versatility of mankind.  

During the presentation, she shares her source of inspiration through video images, shares a piece of physical research accompanied by music of Rutger Zuydervelt, and invites the audience to physically experience a piece of research together. No sport or dance experience is required.   

"Learn modesty, if you desire knowledge. A highland would never be irrigated by a river." - Kanz ol-Haghayegh  

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