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Elisa Zuppini

Coronavirus: all performances cancelled until April 6

Imagine a tectonic space in constant motion, a transformative landscape where the body mutually transforms and can be transformed. This is Himalya, a piece where the human body is continuously related to wider realities, reflecting on how we can think of the body as part of bigger systems, instead of a singular isolated one. How the perception of the body can be twisted from being an independent subject to one in constant connection and understanding with other mechanisms? How can it incorporate such different systems, so as the one of geology, understood as a slow and extemporaneous time, and the one of technology, a mechanism that travels so fast, often beyond our understanding? Both these times bring with them materialities far from the body, but that also share elements with it, since the systems are moreover always in relationship.

The aim of this piece is to shift our perception as humans to a more expanded and decentralized experience of ourselves, to think our body as an hypersensitive and transformative tool, able to constantly perceive itself in a transition from machine to geology to human flesh.

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