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Moreno Perna

Beyond our differences of culture, ethnicity, age, gender or beliefs, the aura is the existential element we all share: the energetic field of our bodies through which we connect with each other and with the universe. Clubbing is the remaining of our pagan history, of Saturnalia and Taranta rituals, of dancing around a fire to cast out evil spirits and connect as a community.


For AURA, Moreno Perna collaborates with Amsterdam based Techno music label Immaterial.Archives (CYB and Elisa Batti) and creates a dance duet in which movements and music climax together in a Shamanistic Techno Ritual of liberation and community healing, colliding the worlds of clubbing and holistic philosophy. The audience sits on stage in a circle around the performers: dancer Evgenia Rubanova and Moreno Perna connect with each other and with the viewers, passing though different states and using dance as vessel of their energies. The work on the body of the dancers is meant to trigger the inner work the audience can start, to feel their own Aura and to connect with each other as a community.

The audience will have the freedom to sit or stand, around the circle, and dance along. 

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