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Marko Ivic, Fernanda Libman en Reza Mirabi

New Adventures 2021

The collective consisting of Marko Ivic (left), Fernanda Libman (middle) en Reza Mirabi (right) finds its roots in different practices within the performing arts. The creators all studied at the AHK, but each in a different department. Fernanda (Brazil/Portugal) graduated from the SNDO in 2020, Reza (Germany/Iran) from DAS Choreography in 2021 and Marko (Venezuela/Croatia) studied live electronics at the Conservatory. The three creators all use the body as a starting point for their research and their movement practice is strongly related to sound and musicality.

During the New Adventures trajectory they want to learn from each other's practices and work together through a non-hierarchical methodology. In their collective research they want to explore the many relationships between movement and sound. They look at the differences between the two phenomena, cases where movement becomes inseparable from sound, or where sound becomes indistinguishable from music. As a methodology, they work with the concept of murmur (a low, indistinct but often continuous sound) as an analogy for sound and murmuration as an analogy for movement: ˈmɝː.mɚ (phonetics of murmur) is the title of the work and at the same time refers to the central approach of the project. By bringing their individual approaches to movement in relation to sound into the same space, they aim to create a murmur together.