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Workshop: The Brui5er Way

Krump workshop by Mark Brui5er Sheats

The Brui5er Way workshop will focus on the fundamentals of the dance style Krump. A brief lecture before the actual practice will take place to inform the artists of where the dance comes from and how it is still effective in cultural arts today. We will be going on a journey through what Mark “Brui5er” Sheats calls ‘The 5ive’, meaning that the full body will be covered with the core essentials of the dance style and how they can be used to enhance movement but also distribute a wide vocabulary of language within footwork, leg work, torso, arm and head regions. Through the repetitions and drills of these regions you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of how the functions work together. This practice isn’t just technique but also based on FEELING. After the journey is finished, you will then find yourselves creating your own formula from the information gathered. This will allow you to think, create and repeat upon how you want to move your bodies in a free style format. Transitioning from the self-work, we’ll come together for a sharing practice to tap in and harness our high-level artistry.

Mark “Brui5er” Sheats

Mark “Brui5er” Sheats is one of the three performers in Hissy Fit, a collaboration between Christian Guerematchi, Michael Wanga and Mark “Brui5er” Sheats. Since the age of 9, Mark has been in the artistic light of dance and by the time he was 15 years old he was introduced to the documentary RIZE which helped him find a love for the street style called Krump. Brui5er has been in the Krump movement for 16 years and has now been considered one of its prime leaders and mentors to many within the culture. He has been teaching/mentoring internationally for years and has also competed and been crowned champion in some of the top Krump events around the globe. He is currently exploring the realm of artistic movement/development within the Amenti Theatre Collective as well as working within separate productions like: ‘A Human Race: The Rite of Krump’, ‘Sadler's Wells-Breakin Convention NL Tour 2021’, and ‘Sadler's Wells-Breakin Convention- Back To The Labb 2022’.

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