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Workshop: Talk Through Dance by Hyaejin Lee

Inspired by Sung im Her's performance Nutcrusher

The performance Nutcrusher by Sung Im Her, one of the international Aerowaves TopTwenty20, is a unique part of Moving Futures Festival 2022 in Amsterdam and will be performed on the 7th of May in Theater Bellevue. On the 6th of May at from 15:00 until 17:00h, Hyaejin Lee – one of Sung Im Her’s dancers – will guide a workshop where participants will dive into their own movement flow. Participants will learn several movements inspired by Korean traditional martial arts and dance. This will be challenging physically and rhythmically. Also, they will open their imagination through improvisation. They will apply movements that they have learnt into their own imagination. Working this way will create a constant research and will challenge their physicality while they improve and break their habits.

 “Let the body flow with the air. Bring nature with you. Even if you are still, time is moving. Harness the power of nature. The upper body is passive, the lower body is active. Slow down. Your whole body is your eyes.”

Hyaejin Lee

Hyaejin Lee was born in South Korea, based in Belgium and Korea. She graduated from SEAD (AT) where she has worked with prominent international teachers and choreographers. So far, she has been working with choreographers including Rootlessroot/Fighting Monkey, Sasha Waltz, Anton Lachky, Jan Lauwers, Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Adrien Hod, Reut Shemesh, JUKSTA, Sung im Her and Grayson Millwood. She has been developing, expressing her artistic vocabulary as well. She has been presenting her choreography and music compose through performances. Her works revolve around the word unification (people, countries, genders, races...) This is the reason that her primary tool for work is human behaviour. By working in this way, she always put the human side before aesthetics.

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