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Night of the Intuitive Body

Club Night

Join us on 7 October for an exciting evening around one of ICK's main themes: the Intuitive Body. This special club night is curated by ICK supported artist and creator Robin Nimanong in collaboration with Dereck Cayla (ICK rehearsal director).

Robin Nimanong invites Ballroom artist and rising star Nagato from House of Mugler, to show their performance "Last day of Lust". "Last day of Lust" is a psychological force producing intense Desire for Pleasure while already having a significant amount of the desired feeling.
From the Journey of Love, Feeling all our Passion, till facing the Danger that Pleasure can give us.

Immerse yourself in this exciting fantasy and let your intuition (and instincts) take over!
The studio theater will be transformed into a nightclub, where DJ collective Jeroen and Rodrigo (Octagon Blues) will spin their experimental tunes. Their tantalising music offers room for unexpected moves!

Image & Video © Lux Nautilus