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Day 1 - The Artists Are Present #1

Rituals, migration, transformation

Roshanak Morrowatian – Sister 
"What should be a debate about people – about human beings, about children and families – has been deliberately poisoned to become a debate about borders and security." – Journalist Behrouz Boochani 

Sister is an installation-performance, a life-size wax sculpture of a melting girl. The installation-performance pays tribute to the resilience of children in areas of political and social turmoil. Roshanak Morrowatian creates a choreography on a non-living body and uses melting as the choreographic language. The audience is invited for a moment of reflection, a moment to collectively pause and acknowledge. The media bombards us with groups of refugees, masses, numbers. With Sister an intimate encounter is created with one girl, one child. And how in time, slowly, her story unfolds and she transforms in order to survive. 
Keren Rosenberg – Re-Surface 
“Will you dare to dance with fire?”  
The journey of awakening imagination and empathy  
Going Primal is a physical and ritualistic performative novel by Keren Rosenberg which consists of six chapters of performative experiences, that seeks to bring the body back in time, to its primal roots: boundless and free.   
In immersive cross-disciplinary performative spaces – both in real life and in virtual environments – boundaries between performers, audience, and space dissolve into an energetically charged and ecstatic experience. Using her method of Body-House as the ‘language’ that is shared with both performers and spectators, Keren gives keys to enter to the unfolding experiences with an open heart and a physically present body.  
Re-Surface is the introductory chapter of the performative novel. A physical and metaphysical energetic exchange between the emotional moving body of Keren, the audience members and the shamanistic scenography of Prem Scholte Albers. In an intimate space, rubbing close against the skins of audience members, Keren acts as the medium that is channelling the energy of the attendees, the sculptures and the vibration of the surroundings. Illuminating beyond the physical body, in waves overflowing spaces, time and dimensions of perception. 
Reza Mirabi – Listening To Stone Beings
Unable to attend the forty days mourning ceremony 13 years ago, Reza Mirabi now wishes to ritualize his grief (ذکر Zikr - literally meaning ‘remembrance’ )- for his grandfather, Jawad Mirabi, through a story. Together with cellist Sheng-Chiun Lin, and Percussionist Khaled Abdou, Mirabi invites on an embodied journey through non-linear time, to get lost in transpersonal memories of displacement, and to find himself as a 12-year-old boy in the Kurdish Valley of Zaman (دره زمان).