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Young Macbeth

Young Macbeth was a project alongside the production Macbeth that is intended for pupils in secondary education. A school visited the performance with all the classes of a particular year and followed three workshops: a dance workshop, a theatre workshop and a workshop about anger. Afterwards, the pupils signed up to work with the actors and dancers of Macbeth on their own version of the piece. They performed their presentation before an audience at the theatre.

Macbeth is the second part of the Shakespeare series by Toneelmakerij. Since her award-winning piece Storm with Rieks Swarte (Gouden Krekel 2013), director Liesbeth Coltof has entered into a collaboration with choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten of ICK. Inspired by the advance of young men who are seizing power all over the world. Unashamedly, without mercy , convinced of being in the right. There's dancing in Macbeth when the demons rise. They burst through any armour, they are what only Macbeth can see. Guilt? Conscience? Regrets? A performance in which the body protests as humanity falls away.