Between brain and movement

In the friction between instinct and rational control, the body speaks intuitively. Greco and Scholten search for the dialogue between statements and concepts from the documentation of their own dance language and other choreographic signatures and areas of knowledge.

"Intuition is between the instinctive body and its rationalisation. It is part of an in-between space that we have played with since our first creation Fra Cervello e Movimento (between brain and movement). We want to create a polarisation between what is instinctive and what is controlled by the brain. Between the two we found intuition.” Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. 

Download the pdf about the intuitive body in the choreographic language of Emio Greco | PC here.

The intuitive body in other domains

The otherwise conscious body in dance lives somewhere between the conceptual and the virtuosic body. In the work of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten, the body has its own logic, its own language. In researching this, we document the intuitive, experiential content of their work and we explore the implications of the intuitive body when it comes to the development of dance as an art form and to experimental notation research (such as live annotation) during creation processes. An outcome of this documentation research is the ABCdaire: an archive of words, definitions, descriptions, categories, metaphors and images derived from the dance language of Greco and Scholten.

From the ABCdaire and insights from the first phase of the research, we look at the intuitive body in relation to it:

  1. philosophy
  2. art theory
  3. psychology
  4. new paradigms in science
  5. the field of knowledge between science and religion
  6. the logic of enlightenment
  7. the immortalisation of dance


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