How do you record a creative process?

The Documentation Model is a design to record and archive (abstract) creative processes in dance.

Is it possible to design a generative model for dance documentation? Which questions are essential for discussing the creative process?

The Documentation Model is one of the outcomes of the interdisciplinary research project Inside Movement Knowledge. It was developed by Gaby Wijers, Annet Dekker and Vivian van Saaze. ICK Dans Amsterdam has been testing the model since 2010 and is further developing it for the documentation of performances. In this way we create a rich archive in which the artistic intentions of various artists are permanently visible. 

In 2012 and 2013 dancer Suzan Tunca and dramaturge Merel Heering documented the performances Lithium by Andrea Božic and Addio alla Fine by Emio Greco | PC. Draughtsman and artistic collaborator Jesse Vanhoek documented The Sopranos by Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. In 2014 Charlotte Lemstra documented AAH! If Only Father Christmas were a Go Go Dancer or a Communist by Robyn Orlin.

For the documentation of Swan Lake (2016) by Jakop Ahlbom we used the Documentation Model in combination with Motion Bank's live annotation system Piecemaker2. From June 2016, we further developed the Documentation Model in the context of the interdisciplinary and international research network UNFOLD - Mediation by Re-interpretation initiated by LIMA, with a view to the documentation of PARA|DISO Revisited 2017.

Sunayana Mohanty documented 7EVEN (2017) and combined the Documentation Model with Piecemaker2.

Click here for the UNFOLD project evaluation report. Click here for the current Documentation Model. 

The Documentation Model was also the starting point for the Online Score of creation 60 of Amos Ben-Tal. See also ANNOTATION.

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