Nightwalking II

Imagine yourself in a dark room, no light at all stimulates your visual sense. Add a silence so deep, that not even the sounds of your own body flicker the small receptive hairs in your cochlea. Then imagine that you have no language, no inner monologue to keep your mind on track with sanity. Now, from no perceivable place somewhere in this darkness and silence, strange things occur as if by magic, something touches you - briefly or lingering - only to disappear again into utter nothingness. Only the traces of remembered touch are left on your body and in your mind.'

(Flemming Ask Larsen – Denmark)

Nightwalking II is an interdisciplinary installation, initiated by Andre Arends (MICH Foundation) , in collaboration with ICK, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and two healthcare organizations (Koninklijke Kentalis and Bartimeus Sonneheerdt).

Nightwalking II aims on one hand to make the world of people with congenital deafblindness clear and understandable for the general audience, offering a different way of looking at these people, and on the other hand, to generate new knowledge about the communication process with them, and therefore contributing to the improvement of their care and their social interactions.

The interdisciplinary installation offers the audience a parcour through a sensory experience that brings you closer to what the world of a deaf-blind person might be, and ends with the film 'Touched' portraying the first encounter of a professional dancer and a person with congenital deafblindness.