Jonge Zielen

Dance beside dancers of ICK in their own production?

In JONGE ZIELEN we work with three classes (group 7) from different primary schools in Amsterdam.

They visit the performance ZIEL | ROUH and afterwards the children work together with the dancers from ICK and musicians of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra on their own choreography/performance. The starting point is always: everyone can dance, learn the language of the body. Moreover ICK believes that children, if they receive the right guidance, are very receptive to dance. We have already noticed that children can move well in the associative worlds that evoke our representations.

JONGE ZIELEN is a continuation of the line that ICK has set out with ROCCITO, YOUNG MACBETH and YOUNG PARADISO. Here students create their own version of an ICK performance and share the stage with the professional cast during a final presentation. Previous projects were assessed very successfully by both schools, children and parents. They fill a gap in the existing program where children only come in contact with youth dancing. Moreover, the added value of these projects is the meeting between the dancers of ICK, and in this case also with the musicians of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra.

Thanks to the joint final presentation, the children are part of a professional performance!
JONGE ZIELEN can be seen on 1 and 2 June 2018 at Jeugdtheater de Krakeling.

Alwin Poiana