Contemporary dance for VMBO students

During the period 2015 - 2017 the Meervaart and ICK develop a learning course "Contemporary dance for VMBO students” in consultation with Wellant College in Sloten. The goal of this project is that students experience the beauty of dance as an art form and their own body as a medium. This will not happen by only looking and talking about dance, but also by doing it!

Last school year the students of the Wellant College were introduced to centemporary dance during a project week with lessons based on elements of the DS/DM method. They also visited a performance of ICK.

In the second project week, students create a dance performance themselve and perform it on stage in theater De Meervaart. The choreographers they have worked with: Giulio D'Anna, Gianni Grotto, Keren Levi, Mouna Laroussi, Guilherme Miotto, Sayonara prika & Vincent Verburg.

Over the years ICK has aimed to develop innovative ways to transfer (knowledge of) dance on an easily understandable manner, in particular through the Double Skin/Double Mind method. The DS/DM method is based on simple motion principles and everyday movement that has a universal recognition. Therefore this technique is good to transfer to non-professional dancers of any age. With the development of this learning course, ICK aims at adapt the DS/DM method to a new audience. The result is a spacific training program that could be used by more VMBO schools in the Netherlands.

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