Doesn't choreography just fall from the sky?

Pre-Choreographic Elements is about the preliminary phase in the choreographic process of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten. With the Pre-Choreographic Elements, we note the origins of choreographic statements: they are ideas, metaphors and images that drive the intentions behind the movement.

Since 2016 we have been researching the Pre-Choreographic Elements together with the dancers of ICK when reviving existing repertoire. The Pre-Choreographic Elements are also the starting point of the Sensorium Toolkit and are part of the DS/DM teacher training.

Dance researcher Bertha Bermúdez coordinated the research until 2014: How can we capture and transfer the inner sound of movement in words? She did this in line with previous research projects on dance notation, documentation and knowledge transfer such as Capturing Intention (2005-2007), Inside Movement Knowledge (2008-2010) and Labo 21. The aim was to develop an interactive online glossary that serves as a source of inspiration for new movements. During the research, we looked at terminology, forms of representation and the use of interactive media with various partners.

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