Can the dancing body speak?

The ABCdaire is a living archive with words, definitions, descriptions, categories, metaphors and images from more than twenty years of notation research into the dance language of Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten.

The ABCdaire now consists of 200 alphabetically arranged terms that are divided into different categories: basic, workshop, Pre-Choreographic Elements, statements, mechanism. 

You consult the ABCdaire when reviving existing repertoire, when researching new movements, when transferring knowledge to future generations of dancers and to inspire dancers and choreographers in training and at ICK Artist Space.  Thanks to its systematic categorisation, the ABCdaire can also be used for the (an)notation of creative processes. ABCdaire is also the starting point for interdisciplinary dialogues with creative coders, philosophers, neuroscientists, linguists, art and performance theorists, visual artists and composers.

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Word of the month

ICK breaks open existing words and creates new ones. An ongoing game while creating new performances, and from 2022 onwards we will give a twist to a word every month. It's life Jim, but not as we know it.


alance /?bæl.?ns/

An impossible physical and mental state that enforces a stillness in time. 


Disappearance /d?s??p??r?ns/

To disappear, to cease to exist, to diminish, to go out of sight, to dissolve, to melt. In the performance, the phenomenon of 'disappearance' is regarded as a process of transformation and becoming. When something or someone appears, it will disappear, and where something or someone disappears, something new will appear. Our identities are fluid and change with every disappearance and appearance.

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