Dance Connects

Dance for the energetic elder

ICK Amsterdam works together with Dance Connects Company, a company mainly made up of people over 60. After an initial introduction to Double Skin / Double Mind and the Sensorium Toolkit, we tailored the method for the group. Meanwhile, Dance Connects has grown into a company that gives performances with pleasure and confidence.

TRANS_FORM_ACTION is a dance creation diving into the concept of transformation. For this project we assemble a core group of eclectic performers who want to deepen their skills through several techniques of transforming. Therefore Double Skin / Double Mind, Drag and Clowning are used as tools to trigger the performativity and physicality of the performers.

During the artistic process we also create dance exchanges between communities that are undergoing transformational processes in their lives. Through these exchanges the core group encounters teenagers, drag artists and people within an early stage of dementia. Our wish is to learn and to transform together through these various dialogues of transformation.

TRANS_LAB is the orientating workshop week that serves as a preliminary investigation of the final performance. This is where the first encounters and artistic exchanges take place, which form the basis for creative research. More information about the project can be found at: TRANS_FORM_ACTION